Monday, December 30, 2013

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If you are still wanting to follow the happenings of Under the Angel's Wings Rescue please head over to our new blog which is integrated into our website.

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Thank you!
Courtney Hobson
Under the Angel's Wings Rescue

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine's Day is Coming Soon!

Would you LOVE to have a Valentines Day card from one of the horses of Under the Angel's Wings Rescue sent to you or one of your LOVED ones? Send a donation or sponsor one of the horses of UAWR and that horse will send you or someone you love a Valentine's Day Card with your sponsored horse's picture on it. Remember UAWR is a 501(c)(3) and donations are Tax Deductible as well.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Volunteers & Foster Home Needed

We are always in need of volunteers of course but I am in need more then ever now! I had yet another surgery 3 weeks ago and still in a cast and on crutches and that makes things quite difficult for feeding, cleaning, grooming, and exercising horses. I am in need of any help I can get if you are a willing to come out and help even just for a short time we could use your help. We are looking for help at our Pinon Hills location Monday thru Friday 8:30am to around 11:00am and/or Monday thru Thursday 3:15pm to 4:30pm.

 We are also looking for a few more foster homes who can help to house 1 or 2 horses which would also be a HUGE help to lessen the work for me at this time.

If you can help out with volunteering or fostering please email me at

Thank you,
Courtney Hobson
Under the Angel's Wings Rescue, Inc.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Horse in Need of a Home ASAP

This horse is in need of a Home ASAP the owner has run out of funds to care for her: Here name is Esperita. She is a Tennessee Walking horse, Foaled April 19, 1995. My husband has been out of work now for a year now and I can not keep her. She was injured in Oct of 2007 and She can not be ridden any longer. I must find her a place soon. She is located in Lake Havasu, Az but the owner is willing to transport to a new home. Please email me at ASAP if you are able to provide a forever, loving home for this girl.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Footprints Therapeutic Riding Center NEEDS your help!!!

As most of you know Under the Angel’s Wings Rescue, Inc. is a nonprofit horse rescue. Currently we are not only working hard at keeping up with the 22 horses we have in our care at this time we are also working to raise money to open a Therapeutic riding program for disabled children in the high desert and surrounding areas. For a bit of my story and the desire to open this Riding Center please go to our website at and click “About Us”. The need is extremely high in this area as the only program that existed up here was closed about 4 years ago. Now, there are no facilities and other facilities are approximately 50 + miles away and have extensive waiting lists and are unable to accommodate the needs of all the children in their areas. Some children are traveling 2-3 hours in order to find a facility that has an opening. A 2-3 hour trip is a long trip for anyone on a weekly basis but can be even harder on a family with a disabled child. We are hoping to open this new facility in order to help each special child that wants to ride!

Our plan is to open a Therapeutic Riding Program in the Phelan, CA as soon as possible. The purpose of this Therapeutic Riding Center is to bring joy into the lives of disabled and handicapped children through supervised and safe equestrian activities designed to promote and improve physical, mental and social well-being, and to give these children a sense of adventure, freedom, and accomplishment. For any child, mounting a horse can be a frightening prospect. But before long, children are wearing heartwarming grins that lift the heart. Child who did not speak are talking to the horse, children who were trapped in a wheelchair are walking, there are many miracles see thru Therapeutic Riding. The opportunity for them to leave behind even if just for an hour, the world of wheelchairs, crutches, special classes, tutors, doctors, hospitals and medicine is often more therapy than the best educational or medical minds can deliver. Therapeutic riding provides the following for disabled and special needs children:

· Improving balance, coordination and posture
· Strengthening muscles and increasing flexibility
· Improving respiration and circulation
· Building self-esteem
· Developing social skills and teamwork
· Increasing concentration, patience and self-discipline
· Fostering a sense of freedom and accomplishment
· Having fun!

Our goal is to use rescued horses in a positive way to help our community.
Using rehabilitated horses to help rehabilitate the children in and around our community. We feel that pairing these two endeavors together will provide unlimited potential of benefits to those in our community helping both animals and children in need. This will give the unwanted and rescued horses a place to belong and be wanted and also the children a place where they too can enjoy themselves and have that sense of freedom and peace.

We are in need of several things in order to get our New Therapy Program off the ground and running. We have one of the most important items needed and that is the therapy horses. We have several great candidates in our already existing rescue program who have been tested and will do great in the Therapeutic Riding Program and they are looking forward to their newfound duties in life.

However, the biggest obstacle that we are facing is a location for the center to operate. We originally had planned to use the existing rescue property in Phelan, Ca but upon submitting our application for a permit we found that the zoning here at this location does not allow for a facility of this type. Most properties in Phelan would be suitable for this except of course where we are currently located is not. So we are left with the only option of seeking the funding in order to purchase another property here in Phelan. This was not something we had planned on doing so we have no funding available for this, so we are in need of your help!!

We are open to all offers of any type of help, please if you have any ideas or Input feel free to email me at If you or someone you know has a property in Phelan that they would like to sell and carry the loan for us that would be wonderful. If someone has the funds (approx $75,000) to purchase a property here that would work with us on purchasing the property from you that too would be wonderful! If you or someone you know has property up here you would be willing to donate for the tax write off we are a 501 (C) (3) and can offer a tax receipt for a write off on any of these options. If you can not donate something as large as the entire funds for the new property please can you help by donating towards the “Riding Center Property Fund” the Disabled Children and Adults of the Inland Empire and I would greatly appreciate your help and your generosity!!

We are aiming at $75,000 in order to purchase a new property for the Therapeutic Riding Center. I know it sounds like a HUGE amount but I KNOW for the Disabled of the Inland Empire we CAN do this and we can make this dream and project a REALITY!!!!

If you can donate towards the funding even small donations are a huge help so please do not feel what you can offer is too small!! Please send any amount you can today so we can make this Riding Center a reality!!

You can send funds via Pay Pal to, if you do not have a Pay Pal account but want to use your credit card email me at that address and let me know the amount you would like to donate and I can email you a secure invoice to donate via credit card. You can also mail a check to Under the Angel’s Wings Rescue at PO Box 293683 Phelan, Ca 92329 Please be sure to make a note on all donations for “Riding Center Property Fund”.

Following is also a list of other items needed for our program if you would like to help with any of theses items too:
· Tack Shed/Storage for Equipment (Must be wooden as our winds up here blow away the metal ones)
· Equipment racks, saddle stands, hangers, and storage for Tack Room
· Tie and Wash areas for Saddling and grooming horses (concrete areas needed)
· Helmets (All Sizes, must be ASTM Approved)
· Saddles, Bridles, Reins, and Pads (English & Western)
· Brushes, Hoof picks, and all misc. grooming supplies
· Pipe Corrals Panels for arena fencing, and stalls. (3 & 4 Rail in any length)
· Shelters (8 x 10 or larger, 6 needed)
· Office supplies (Paper, Ink 4 Epson WorkForce 610 printer, pens, clipboards, etc.)
· Thick Plywood to build a Mounting Ramp & Block
· Handyman to turn the plywood into a Mounting Ramp & Block (plans provided)

Thank you in advance for all your kindness and generosity in making this happen!!

Courtney Hobson

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 2010 Newsletter

I have posted the September 2010 Newsletter for all the read!

Some Highlights are:

Competitive Trail Challenge (UAWR fundraiser)

I wanted to let you know about a big fundraiser that Under the Angel's Wings Rescue will be holding at the beginning of 2011 and wanted to let you know to "SAVE THE DATE".

We will be hosting a Competitive Trail Challenge (CTC) scheduled for January 29, 2011 in beautiful Phelan, Ca. We really need your help to make this CTC a HUGE success. Come for the weekend or the day... ride or volunteer... WE NEED YOU!!!!

Please remember... Participants must register ONLINE for the CTC's! You can check out UAWR's ride web page at for info on items we need, volunteer positions we are in need of, and all the fun ride info. To sign up to participate you can go to and find Under the Angel's Wings Rescue CTC in Phelan, Ca and "Join this Ride".

We are in need of volunteers to help out with the ride. NO horse experience needed, but those if you with horse experience we need you too for volunteer judges for the obstacles. Remember check out for a list of "Items Needed" along with Volunteer and Sign up info.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Volunteers Needed

Newsletter Requesting Volunteers

Available Volunteer Positions

Horse Walkers:
All horse walkers must have previous horse experience. You must be calm, confident, and comfortable around horses. You must have the ability to walk, lead, and control a horse from the ground. You must be 15 years or older and be able to walk for up to an hour.
Stall/Horse Maintenance: NO horse experience is required. We always need volunteers to help out with cleaning stalls and grooming horses. We can teach you! You must be 13 years or older unless accompanied by an adult then most all ages are welcome.

Water Bucket Cleaning and Filling: NO experience needed. We need someone who can fill water buckets each day and who is detail oriented to ensure each horse has clean & full water bucket. You must be 13 years or older unless accompanied by an adult then most all ages are welcome.

General Maintenance: We are always in need of general maintenance/ handyman type work and repairs around the ranch. If you have these type of skills we need your help!!

Tractor Owner/Operator: If you have a tractor and can bring it over for even a few hours we are ALWAYS in need of tractor work and need your assistance desperately!!

Horse Exercising: We have limited openings for volunteers with horse experience but only experience riding beginner type horses. This would be someone with limited amount of riding skills. You MUST be able to groom, saddle, bridle, and ride independently without constant supervision though.

Horse Schooling: We are in need of volunteers with horse experience that are able to ride horses that are suitable for an intermediate or better rider. You MUST be an independent worker who does not need to be supervised constantly and know how to groom, saddle, and bridle a horse. (Custom Schedule to suit your needs is available, contact us for more info)

Volunteer Coordinator: We are in need of a volunteer who can manage and over see the volunteer program. You will be in charge of scheduling volunteers to come out and overseeing volunteer applications, etc.

Fundraising Coordinator: We are in need of someone who can set up and manage a fundraising programs for UAWR.

Newsletter: We need a volunteer who can organize and write a monthly newsletter that will go out to all adopters, donors, volunteers, supporters, etc to keep them up to date on what happening at UAWR.

To sign up or for more info email us at