Saturday, December 19, 2009

Santa Comes to the Rescue

Well many things have happen over the past week that I wanted to share with everyone.

First I had 2 families step up to the plate and offered to each foster 2 horses each!! WOOOOW can you imagine my excitement when I found out that 4 of the 20 horses would have a foster home to care for them while I was recovering. That is a HUGE help to me and has helped to not only lighten the load around the ranch but it also serves as a winning situation for the horses too as they will be provided with more attention then possible for me to give them at this time. Thank you to The Paylen and Williams Families!

Then I send a HUGE thank you to Cecelia who sent me the most wonderful Christmas Card with a very touching letter and a very generous donation to help with caring for the horses also during my recovery.

Thheeeennnnnnnn Thank you to Kathy who first stepped up to the plate and made a wonderful and generous donation to the feed store for UAWR to use in order to help purchase feed needed for the horses. Kathy also writes for the daily press and wrote a beautiful and very touching article about the needs of UAWR. One of the things Kathy mentioned in her article was the need for a golf cart or motorized vehicle and Wooooo Hoooooooo I got the call!!!!!!

I got a call from a wonderful family in Apple Valley who is going to donate a golf cart to UAWR so that I can get around the ranch and over see the volunteers and ensure all the needs of the horses are being taken care of. This will also give me the ability to do some of the chores needed around the ranch myself such as watering horses and small tasks such as that. I am ever Soooooo grateful to Kathy for putting the word out and to the family who has donated to cart for UAWR what a HUGE blessing THANK YOU!!

I also received another wonderful donation from Nicol who is a previous adopter of UAWR and a wonderful woman who has been a great help to UAWR over the years and again has come thru to help out!!

Thank you to everyone I appreciate the help so much and hope that with all of us together we can continue on with UAWR even thru this tough time of a horrible economy along with my injuries, if we all work together I KNOW we can make this continue to happen!!!

Courtney Hobson


  1. Just keep in touch with everyone by blog, Web site and newsletter and let us know how you and the kids are doing and what kind of help you need. You're right--if we work together, you will get through this and be able to continue your work at UAWR. Hang in there and Merry Christmas--hope your holiday is happy in spite of everything. God bless.