Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mustang Update

(This was written March 4th but not able to post until March 7th)

So I have not been doing much with the mustang seein as she has gotten twice as big around and is VERY pregnant! When working with her after a short period of time even with very little stress she gets diarrhea really bad so I have been trying not to do too much with her... I am quite concerned about the her and the pregnancy and do not want to put money and a contest ahead of their well being sooooo things are going very slowly for the sake of her and the baby.

My guess would be we will be having a baby fairly soon maybe a couple of weeks sometime end of this month... I can't wait and hope once the baby comes I will be able to put more time into her. At that point I will then have 2 horses to work with for the competition.

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