Sunday, May 3, 2009

True Direction

Sometimes in the Winds of Change we find our TRUE direction. <--- ISN'T that the TRUTH!!!! So I have to give a big Thank you to the one who worked so hard to make my life miserable, instead as I blogged about 2 days ago things have come back to me two fold and double. What you thought would make my life miserable truly has blessed me and helped to get my life headed in the TRUE direction! Thank you for what you have done! So as most of you know UAWR is in the process of a down sizing due to several things that have gone on. This I see as a blessing cause what I have said allllll along is that Therapy Riding was what I wanted to do and to combine the Rescue and the Therapy sooooo I am working on getting that started and look forward to the journey ahead of me and meeting some wonderful kids and people. I have already meet up with some great kids that truly do inspire me. We were just out last weekend with another boy who has Cerebral Palsy and wow to hear his story is just amazing! More to come about that..... So Therapy Riding with Rescued Horses that is the true GOAL around here.

So here is where my plea comes in. If anyone knows of a grant(s) that I can apply for in order to cover the costs of my Schooling to become a certified instructor that would be very helpful!! It is quite costly to go thru all the classes and the certification program. I am looking to do the at home and online course which is the least expensive way to go but still is going to run around $2000 including all expenses. Any ideas from anyone would be wonderful!!!!!

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